Braun Series 3 Shavers

Shave away the weekend with maximum comfort, for a smoother start to your week

Braun Series 3 ShaversShaving away the weekend’s stubble for that professional Monday-morning look doesn’t have to be painful.  Braun Series 3 shavers remove even longer stubble and minimize irritating tugging and pulling, so you can start the week smoothly.

Designed to minimize skin irritation

Some shaver systems are known to pull and tug at longer hairs, causing discomfort when shaving longer stubble (e.g. after the weekend).  The New Series 3 has been engineered to combat this problem and radically reduces skin irritation when shaving longer stubble.

Triple Action FreeFloat System

Braun’s Series 3 shavers have unprecedented levels of adaptability - the ultra-adaptable FreeFloat system gives the user a shave customised for their own facial contours and improved shaving performance of long hairs.  With three independently-floating shaving elements, including two foils and one middle trimmer combination, the Braun Series 3 provides incredible adaptability – ensuring a superbly smooth and comfortable shave.  The 3-Stage Cutting System shaves progressively closer in one stroke - the first foil shaves shorter stubble, the middle trimmer tackles longer ones, the second foil cuts these down to leave a smooth result.

Smoothly stylish

Braun understands that as well as a comfortable and smooth shave, every man demands a shaver that looks stylish.  With its slimmer handle and great ergonomics, the Braun Series 3 ticks all the boxes.  The higher usage of soft materials means that each shaver in the range is smart and stylish, while not compromising on ease of use.  The grip is comfortable and makes the shaver brilliantly easy to control.

Braun Series 3 3090cc Shaver

More informative display panel

Provides information on charging status and the optimum timing for changing shaving parts.

Braun Series 3 3090ccWith Clean&Renew™

Clean and Renew SystemClean&Renew™ leaves your shaver so thoroughly clean - it feels like you are using a new shaver every time you use it.  The alcohol based cleaning fluid is pumped through the shaver head so it quickly and easily cleans away all the shaved stubble and skin grease without any mess in the sink.  The high performance cleaning formula also lubricates the blades for optimal cutting efficiency.

The Active Drying Technology totally dries the shaver head to extend durability and maximize the shaver’s performance.  Then the shaver battery is automatically charged to ensure peak performance at all times.

The shaved stubble is collected in the refill.  The filter inside the Clean&Renew™ keeps the shaved stubble in the refill, so you are assured of having a hygienic cleaning process every time you use the Clean&Renew™.  Changing the refill is easy and convenient.


Contour Hugging Head.
New SmartFoil™.
3-Stage Cutting System.
Fully washable.
Clean&Renew™ system.
Clean & Renew refill cartridge included.
Long hair trimmer.
Rechargeable & mains.
Charging time: 60 min.
Quick charge for one shave: 5 min.
Cordless operation: 50 min.
Environmentally friendly battery cells.
Auto worldwide voltage selection (100 - 240V).
Cleaning brush.
Soft travel case.
Colour: silver/black.

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