Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shavers

Braun Series 7 Pulsonic ShaversFirst of a New Kind

The Series 7 Pulsonic is the first of a new kind - a new shaving system from Braun and a revolution in shaving technology.

It has been uncompromisingly engineered to capture more hair in every stroke, even problem hairs, so you can enjoy our closest most comfortable shave ever.

Personalizing your Shaver

With the «sensitive» and «intensive» buttons you can choose the best setting for shaving different areas of your face and as per your specific needs.  The personalization feature, controlled by intelligent software, is designed to give you a smooth shave, with less irritation, even in the most sensitive areas of your face.

Sonic Pulsing Action

Series 7 Pulsonic is the only shaving system on the market with a new sonic motor that powers a high frequency, pulsating shaver head.  At the simple touch of a button, power sent to the dynamic shaver head stimulates tiny vibrations on the skin to loosen and raise problem hairs for greater cutting efficiency and a thorough and comfortable shave.

Supreme Cutting Efficiency

Thanks to the Series 7 Pulsonic head, the high-speed dynamic movement of the shaving foils is combined with the cutting blades moving in the opposite direction.  This unique movement produces a scissor like cross-cutting action that cuts hair with gentle yet high speed precision, for a noticeably fast, thorough and comfortable shave.

To ensure the highest standard of cutting performance, the individual shaving foils and cutting blades are united in a single cutting cassette.  This perfectly aligns foils and blades like a pair of scissors, for optimal cutting efficiency and exceptional closeness.

Maximum Facial Conformity

To get into even the most difficult to reach areas, Series 7 Pulsonic has a new contour following system called Sensoflex™ that automatically adapts to every individual’s face regardless of shape.  The unique contour following system pivots and flexes to ensure maximum facial conformity.  The enhanced pivoting head, with twice the adaptation angle of other Braun shavers, automatically navigates larger contours of the face, whilst the touch sensitive shaving heads individually flex in response to the slightest change in skin surface for unsurpassed closeness and comfort.

Hygienic and Convenient Cleaning - Clean&Renew™

The top of the range Series 7 Pulsonic systems come equipped with the world’s most intelligent Clean&Renew™ system, to automatically clean, lubricate, dry and charge the shaver at the touch of a button, giving you the feeling of a brand new shaver every day.  The Clean&Renew™ system offers a hygienic and convenient way of cleaning the shaver.

The Series 7 Pulsonic shaver also has a watertight sealing, so it can be washed under tap water when the Clean&Renew™ system is not available.

Braun Series 7 790-4 with Clean&Renew™

Braun Series 7 790-3Features

Three shaving modes - normal, sensitive, intensive.
Rechargeable or mains operation.
Clean&Renew™ System.
Fast clean function.
Sonic motor.
Sonic Pulsing Action of the dynamic shaver head.
4-way flexible shaver head.
Smart Foil™.
Cross-Cutting System.
Precision comfort blades.
Active Power Comb™.
SensoFlex™ contour adaptation.
Long hair trimmer.
Charging status display: interactive LCD.
Cutter block replacement indicator.
Charging time: 1 hour.
5 minutes quick charge.
Up to 50 minutes cordless shaving time.
Automatic worldwide voltage adjustment.
1 Li-Ion battery.
Travel case.
Colour: noble metal/black.

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