Choosing an Electric Shaver

If you're having difficulty in choosing a new electric shaver, want some advice or just interested to see what we think, read on.

Shaving Technologies

There are currently 3 different technology types of electric shaver on the market and the benefits of each are discussed below.

Philips Philishave

Philishave Rotary ActionThe Philishave uses rotary action, this means that the cutting blades (either 2 or 3 depending on the model) rotate behind guards which have a combination of slots and holes cut in them for the whiskers to protrude through.  The main advantage of this method is that the shaving action is less "directional" and therefore the shaver is better at catching slightly longer whiskers more easily than a foil shaver.  If you find that with a foil shaver you are constantly needing to use the pop up trimmer around the neck area then you should find a Philishave will be a great improvement.  The latest models can be easily washed under the hot tap, which is a great bonus.

Coolskin Nivea DispenserPhilips Coolskin

The Coolskin is a variation on the Philishave, it uses the same rotary action, but the shaver is totally waterproof enabling use in a shower and easy washing under a tap.  It also has the ability to dispense Nivea for Men Moisturizer whilst shaving which helps for those with sensitive skin.

Braun/Remington Dry Foil Shavers

Remington Foil ShaverThe Foil Shaver uses a foil and cutter mechanism, the cutter moves rapidly back and forth under the foil which has fine holes in it for the whiskers to protrude through.  There are many variations of this type of shaver, incorporating for example, more than one foil contact point, and a trimmer to catch longer whiskers.  It is said that foil shavers can shave closer than rotary models, however, it should be borne in mind that the likely difference will probably be unnoticeable by the time you leave the house in the morning!  The latest models have a cleaning unit which the shaver docks into for automatic cleaning after every shave.

Other factors which should influence your decision

Your choice for a new shaver should be influenced by the shaving technology you currently use, if you have been happy with your previous shaver then there would be little point in changing to a different technology.  You should bear in mind also that it takes approximately 4 weeks for your shaving technique and your skin to adapt to a change from one shaving technology to another.

Another factor that should influence your decision is battery capacity.  If you are a frequent traveller you will appreciate a longer battery life.  The latest models are able to carry enough charge to last up to 3 weeks between charges meaning that you won't have to take the charging cord away with you (and risk leaving it behind!).


You don't have to pay a fortune to get a good shave.  In general, all shavers in a particular range use the same shaving technology.  The price of the different models in a range is usually a factor of the charging time/shaving time (on rechargeable models) and the amount of information that the shaver feeds back to the user (lights, LCD displays etc.).  Also, last years shaver models are often available at substantial discounts.

Still got questions?

If you are still unsure as to what shaver you should purchase, please contact us with your queries and we will do our best to assist you personally.